Shop/Account Related

You can find our Shop/Account FAQ here

Purchasing Related

I don’t/can’t use PayPal or a credit card. Do you accept other forms of payment?

Yes, we would also accept money orders, checks and electronic methods such as Western Union. However, in all cases, the payment has to clear before the product is sent out. Please contact us for more info. 

I use a PC and a Mac. Can I install the products(s) I purchased on both machines?

Yes, the install package you receive contains both Windows and OS X installers. 

If/when the products(s) I purchased is updated, will I be notified? Do I have to pay for updates?

Yes, you will be notified via email and sent a link if/when updates become available. Updates are free for the life of the product. 

Compatibility Related

Are nativeKONTROL products compatible with Mac OS Catalina?

Yes and no.  Our products are compatible with Catalina, but some of our installers are not.  So, it is generally recommended that you do not use our products with Catalina until we officially add support for Catalina in our installers.

Are nativeKONTROL products related to Live compatible with Live Lite and Intro?

 Yes, our Live-related products are compatible with every edition of Live. 

Are nativeKONTROL products related to Live compatible with Live 10?

 Yes, all of our Live-related products are compatible with Live 10. 

MT Player Related

Where can I get MT Player?

If the product you purchased utilizes MT Player, installers for MT Player will be supplied along with the product you purchased.

Where is the manual for the preset(s) I purchased?

Preset manuals are accessed via the “?” button on MT Player. This button will access the manual for whichever preset is currently loaded in MT Player. 

Can I run multiples presets simultaneously in MT Player?

No, MT Player can only run one preset at a time. However, it is possible to run multiple instances of MT Player (one for each preset). 

Can I edit MT Player presets with MT Pro?

No, only MT Player can open MT Player presets. However, MT Player and MT Pro can be used in tandem, which does allow you to modify how the presets function to a certain extent.