The Benefits of Pluggability


The Arsenal product line is a major leap forward in Control Surface scripts for Ableton Live. However, what makes the product line so innovative is largely conceptual and, just like any other new concept, the implications of it may not be immediately obvious. This is particularly true of this notion of Pluggability that the Arsenal product line offers.

To illustrate the benefits of Pluggability, let's compare Arsenal-powered Control Surface scripts to conventional Control Surface scripts. 

Prefer to watch a video that covers this? You can find one here. 

Catering To Your Individual Needs

Everyone using a conventional Control Surface script will be using the same exact Modes since the Modes are part of the script. In Arsenal-powered Control Surface scripts, everyone gets to choose the Modes their scripts run and there are countless potential configurations. So everyone has the ability to choose the Modes that make the most sense for their particular needs.

Also, conventional Control Surface scripts typically only contain a small number of Modes and so those Modes have to be relatively general purpose so that they can be used in a variety of use cases. This is not ideal because it doesn't cater to specialized needs. It's also not ideal because most users will only use a portion of the Modes a script provides since some of the Modes don't make sense for their needs. In Arsenal, both problems are solved since we can offer a virtually unlimited number of Modes that serve all different needs and leave it up to users to determine which Modes they want to use. 


Conventional Control Surface scripts only work with a particular controller (or small set of controllers such as the case with LPC-Live 2, which works with the Launchpad Classic, S and Mini). So, when you buy a script like LPC-Live 2, it's only ever going to work with the controller(s) it was designed for. The same is true of Arsenal-powered Control Surface scripts too, but it's not true of their Modes.

For example, let's say you buy Arsenal_LP1 and buy a bunch of Modes to use with it. Then, down the road, you decide to upgrade to the Launchpad Pro. You would have to buy Arsenal_LPP (the script for the Launchpad Pro), but all the Modes you bought for use with Arsenal_LP1 will work with Arsenal_LPP too. In other words, you never have to buy a Mode more than once. 

New Modes

Since Arsenal is an open platform, we can continue adding new Modes. That isn't possible with conventional Control Surface scripts. For example, it would be difficult to shoehorn a new Mode into LPC-Live 2 and doing so would affect all users of the script. By contrast, adding a new Mode to Arsenal simply gives users another option and only affects those who choose to buy/use the Mode.