Modular Control Surface scripts for Ableton Live


Traditionally, customizing Control Surface scripts to suit your particular needs would require programming and lots of trial and error. The Arsenal product line shifts that paradigm by allowing you to leverage our extensive experience of over 9 years in the field of Control Surface script design, implementation and innovation to achieve the control you need with ease.

Control Surface scripts…evolved

  • Customizable Control Surface scripts that fit your workflow like a glove.
  • No programming or scripting of any sort.
  • Immediate gratification right at your finger tips!

Not sure what a Control Surface script is? No worries. This video explains it. 

Core Concepts / Functionality

Arsenal-powered Control Surface scripts (simply referred to as 'Scripts' in this section) include new and innovative concepts/functionality as well as concepts/functions that are common to Control Surface scripts in general. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Pluggability - The Modes (parts of a Script that determine what controls do and allow controls to have multiple sets of functionality) within a Script are plugins. Just like any other sort of plugin, this allows you to choose which Modes your Scripts will have. Take a look at the available Encoder Modes and Matrix Modes.  Learn more about why this is such a big deal.

  • Multiple Scripts - Each Script actually ships as six separate Scripts that are all functionally identical, but each can have its own settings. Set up multiple Scripts (each with distinct settings) for use with multiple controllers or for a single controller in different use cases (studio work, live performance, etc).

  • Linking - Link Scripts together in various ways to form larger control surfaces. For example, use this feature with Arsenal_LP1 and Arsenal_NLCX to allow the Launch Control XL to give the Launchpad the knobs and faders it lacks.

  • Track Locking - Lock functionality to a particular Track so that you can maintain control over it even while you (or someone else you're working with) navigate to other Tracks in your Set.

  • Visualization - Scripts make heavy use of Live's Status Bar to keep you informed of what is going on in the Script. This is especially useful when learning how to use a new Mode.

  • Max for Live Integration - Scripts include a powerful and documented interface that is easily accessible from M4L devices. Take a look at the docs and some example M4L devices here.

  • HazMapping - A new form of control-to-parameter mapping that is somewhat similar to MIDI mapping in Live, but far more intelligent and flexible. As a simple example, this functionality allows you to create mappings that can apply to any Track in any Set.

  • Mutable Modes - Unlike Static Modes (which always perform the same function), Mutable Modes can perform different functionality and/or control different parameters based on the name that is specified for the Mode. As a simple example, consider a Mode that can control a Send Level across multiple Tracks. If 'SEND A' is specified for the name, Send A will be controlled. If 'SEND L' is specified for the name, Send L will be controlled.

Arsenal-powered Control Surface scripts

Arsenal-powered Control Surface scripts are available for the following controllers/control surfaces:


Are you using a controller/control surface that is not currently supported by Arsenal? You can request support for it here

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