PXT Series for Ableton Push

The PXT Series (Push Extension Series) is a collection of scripts and applications that extend the capabilities of Ableton Push.

 The PXT Series is comprised of: 

  • PXT-Live - A MIDI Remote Script that significantly extends Push's control over Ableton Live while maintaining all of Push's default functionality.

  • PXT-Live Plus - An optional add-on to PXT-Live that adds a variety of new functionality while maintaining all of PXT-Live’s functionality as well as Push’s default functionality.

  • PXT-General - An application that allows Push to be used in more meaningful ways with software other than Ableton Live (although PXT-General can be used with Live as well).

NOTE: PXT-Live (with or without PXT-Live Plus) and PXT-General cannot be used simultaneously. They can, however, both be installed on a system so that you can use PXT-Live (with or without PXT-Live Plus) when using Push with Ableton Live and PXT-General when using Push with applications other than Ableton Live.