PXT-Live Features

Three primary Matrix Modes:

  • Note Mode – Polyphonic (8 Note Lanes at a time) and Monophonic (1 Note Lane at a time) Step-Sequencing with Per-Step Automation, Scale quantization, easy Mute/Solo/Delete/Select/Quantize functions and a variety of Velocity options including Randomized Velocities. Also includes Capture functionality that allows you to capture Notes from Clips and assign them to the Matrix for playing and editing (including the ability to Erase Notes).

  • Clip Play Mode – Polyphonic (8 Clips at a time) and Monophonic (1 Clip at a time) Clip Chopping and Loop Control. Also includes Monophonic Per-Step Automation and the ability to play Clips chromatically with or without Legato.

  • Accessory Mode – Provides access to Session Control (similar to Push’s Session Mode), allows the color of Clips to be selected as well as the ability to trigger user-defined actions via our powerful ClyphX Pro script.

Seven primary Encoder Modes:

  • Global Mode - Provides control over global settings such as Arrangement Loop and Locators.

  • Drum Rack Mode - Provides control over the Mixer of the selected Drum Rack Pad. 

  • Track Mode – Similar to Push’s Track Mode, but also includes a Sub-Mode for adjusting Track Routing/Monitoring/Crossfade settings and also provides an Output Meter. 

  • Clip Mode – Similar to Push’s Clip Mode, but provides dedicated control over Clip Start/End (without having to turn loop off) and a Sub-Mode for editing Note Events in MIDI clips that can work in conjunction with the Matrix Note Modes. 

  • Device Mode – A more conventional style of Instant Mapping (similar to the APC40’s Device Control) with Device Navigation. 

  • Learn Mode – Allows you to learn Device Parameters that will apply to whichever Track is selected. 

  • Rename Mode – Allows you to name/rename various items in Live directly from the controller.

General Features:

  • The Touch Strip provides control over the last selected/adjusted Parameter.

  • For controls/modes that control single items (Tracks, Clips and Devices), Locking functions are accessible.

  • Most of the Parameter Control via the Encoders allows for Resetting Parameter values.

  • Utilizes Push’s User Mode and does not interfere with the default Push functionality at all.

  • Shares a lot in common with the default Push functionality (similar ways of doing things and some of the same functions), so the learning curve should be minimal.

  • Includes a UserPreferences file that allows you to customize many of the behaviors and functions of PXT-Live to suit your particular needs.

  • In addition to the typical User Manual, a Control Reference is included in both *.pdf and Live lesson formats.

PXT-Live Videos

System Requirements and Purchasing

  • Windows XP or later OR OS X 10.5 or later
  • Ableton Live 9.6 or later
  • Ableton Push (PXT-Live is NOT compatible with the Ableton Push 2)

Upon purchase completion, you will be forwarded to a page from which you can download the product and any related files. You can log back into your account on our online store to re-download at any time.